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Progressives in the 1920's

            Did Progressives Go Far Enough In Reforming America?.
             Did progressives go far enough in reforming America? The progressives are known as a group of people that advocated reforms to confront the problems caused by urbanization and industrialization. They were rampant in the political landscape of the early 1900's. Many of them just analyzed the political situations while others took action. Most of them protested and picketed in front of large companies and warned people of their actions. The progressives all believed that a well run government could protect the public interest and restore order to society. .
             Florence Kelly was one of the leaders in the battle against child labor. She insisted that the Government outlaw the use of child labor. She argued "why are seals, bears, reindeer, fish, wild game in the national parks, buffalo and migratory birds all found suitable for federal protection but not children?" She became general secretary of the National Consumers League and organized consumer boycotts of products manufactured by children or by workers in unsanitary or dangerous conditions. .
             Ida B. Wells was the leader of the anti-lynching movement. Lynching is defined as "murder by mob". In 1892, 230 people were lynched in the United States. Most of the killers were angry whites that killed African Americans. Wells was born to a slave family in Holly Springs, Mississippi in 1862. When she was 14, died of the yellow fever. She began to start teaching schools and in 1884, she got a better job and began writing for the local newspaper. She wrote many articles describing the poor education African Americans received. Soon after, she was fired from her teaching job and became a journalist full-time. She wrote articles for a couple of black-owned newspapers. Wells focused her efforts on Lynching when 3 black men were attacked and killed by an angry mob of whites. Wells launched a campaign to stop lynching and within 3 years, the number of lynching had gone down by 25 percent.

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