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creatine consumption: good or

             In today's society many people are striving towards perfection in the pursuit of the perfect body or the most physically fit body, but some of these people may not be using the right method. This paper will show that the method of creatine consumption is not the safest, healthiest or even best method of choice. Along with my personal opinion I will be adding factual information to support my ideas on the consumption of creatine. Creatine supplementation was introduced by manufactures in early 1995. Creatine monohydrate enters into the body to help form phosphocreatine which then helps to yield ATP from ADP using the phosphate group. The production of more ATP allows muscle to work longer and repair faster. Although manufactures have made millions from the consumer and this product has been determined to be a useful supplemental aid, they fail to produce research on the long and short-term effects of this product. Much is not known about this supplement and until it has been fully determined to be a safe product; more research should be developed, restrictions should be put on sales and warning signs .
             should be put on this product. .
             Creatine isn't only appealing to those who want to get into shape, but it also attracts today's athletes. Today's athlete competes for only one reason: to win. This highly competitive attitude is what motivates many athletes to improve their athletic ability. As a result, many dangers surround the sporting world. When ability has been fully developed and training is maxed out, the next step for many athletes is to take performance enhancers. These substances are believed to make athletes bigger, faster and stronger.
             In the early eighties many athletes began to use one of the most commonly known sport-performance drugs: steroids. Back then, not much was known about anabolic steroids other than they highly developed muscle mass. Today, it is common knowledge that the use of steroids will lead to serious health problems.

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