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Analysis of DMB

             A bad break up can put a permanent scar on your heart, especially if you are not the one that initiated it. Even through the tears and begging, you still love that person more than anything else in the world. After all the rejections, you still keep asking for more. It seems that no matter how much pain that person puts you through, you will never be as good as you were when you were with them. The song "Angel" on the "Everyday" album by the Dave Matthews Band portrays these feelings well.
             The tone of hopelessness, confusion, and agony in the song "Angel" help the words come to life and touch your heart. The song takes you through the confusing feelings felt by a guy as he tries to get through a hard break up. The song starts out with him calling her on the phone. She picks up, and "called my bluff on the card to love", or caught him lying and ended the relationship. It goes on to say that she still cares about him, but she doesn't know how to let go of her insecurities and open up to him. It does not matter if she is beside him or one thousand miles away because she does not show any affection towards him, but he will always be waiting for her to take his hand. .
             The first line of the chorus, "Why do I beg like a child for your candy?" is metaphoric by comparing love to candy. He wonders why he is putting himself so far out on the line for something that, realistically, is not that great. He's wondering why he can't get enough of her even though she does not treat him well. No matter how far she pushes him away though, she will be his angel because he is still in love with her. The repetition of the chorus is used as a tactic to remind the audience of these repetitive feelings. .
             He tries to be as strong as possible, and live his life to the fullest. However, he cannot do anything right without her by his side. When she is not with him, he tries to pretend that he is okay, but he is not.

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