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            retrospect it is very difficult to look back at Yugoslavia and remember a time when its nations were at peace with each other. it was quite the opposite, the nations constituting the former state are scared by savage wars and torn by nationalistic territorial and religious feuds. Yugoslavia is .
             considered to be a direct offspring of the resolutions following the First World War. one of Woodrow Wilson's babies, former Yugoslavia will later be destroyed by it's founding ideas; self-determination. this paper will focus on the trials and tribulations of one of the six nations forming the state; the Croats. Created in 1918 ex-Yugoslavia is the fusion of Slovenes, Bosnians, Montenegrins, Macedonians, Serbs and Croats. For the Western World, the creation of Yugoslavia was a huge historical step towards peace. History as a witness, the mix of different nations in the same state is a invitation for conflict. One of the more important and destructive relationship, or lack their of, was the Serb-Croat relations. "The most perplexing problem was that of Serb-Croat relations. the latent distrust of Serbs among the Croats, systematically cultivated and spread by enemies of South Slav unification, was one of the burdens of the past." (Dragnich, 57) the main fear was the one of domination of one another. From the Croatian Peasant Party to the Ustasha, nationalistic attitudes was very common among the Croats and leaders learned, throughout the years, that it was not a force to reckon with. first and foremost it is essential to realize that the problem between the two nations didn't start with the creation of the unified state by lots earlier. in order to really understand the extent o f damages the Serb-Croat relation caused Former Yugoslavia it is important to trace down its historical roots. In 1389, the Serbian state disappeared in a battle against the Ottoman empire and were forced to move into the neighboring states.

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