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Hidden Simularities

             Characters and locations are the main aspect of novels. Characters and locations from different novels often function in similar ways within their respected narratives. This is the case with Steinbeck's Sweet Thursday and Fitzgerald's Great Gatsby. Although the similarities may not be apparent at first, after closely examining the works of fiction they become more evident.
             Steinbeck's character, Fauna, and Fitzgerald's character, Jordan Baker, demonstrate this hidden similarity. At first, these characters seem to be complete opposites. One element that is different between the two characters is the lady's occupations. Fauna is a whorehouse owner. She sells prostitutes for a living. Jordan Baker is a professional golfer. She has a respectful and legitimate career. The two also differ with their take on life. Jordan Baker takes life as it is. Jordan Baker shows this by knowing that Tom Buchanan is having an affair and not trying to justify it. Fauna, on the other hand, is Cannery Row's gossip queen. She knows all and tells all. Fauna knows all about Suzy's true feelings of love for Doc and she tells Doc everything. Another difference between these characters is their relationship with the main females in the novel. Jordan Baker and Daisy are life-long friends. Fitzgerald tells of experiences during their childhood (teenage) years. Fauna and Suzy's relationship just begins as the novel starts. They first meet in the beginning of the story.
             As you read the book, you begin to understand and know the characters. This is when you see that there are, indeed, many similarities between these two characters. One similarity is that both Fauna and Jordan Baker know the truth about the men. Jordan Baker knows that Gatsby's only reason for success is Daisy. Gatsby has worked for everything he has just to win Daisy over and prove he is worthy enough for her. Jordan Baker also knows that Gatsby is the same man from Daisy's past and never feels the need to tell Daisy anything.

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