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            Don't Tell Mom The Babysitter's Dead.
             Don't Tell Mom The Babysitter's Dead was about three brothers and two sisters that were left alone while their mom went on vacation, leaving them alone with an old babysitter. When the babysitter dies on the couch of old age, the kids take her car and money to get food for the summer. While they make their way through, they run into some problems.
             Shortly after the babysitter died, they ran out of money and didn't want to tell their mom because it would ruin her vacation. So the oldest sister Sue-Ellen lies about her age and gets a job as an associate director at a fashion department to make some money. She steals money out of the petty cash box and purchases food and spending money for the family, but when she gets her check, she puts it all back.
             The fashion business that she was working at end ups going out of business, so she has a fashion show at her house to raise money to keep them open. She makes friends with her manager and raises enough money to keep the place open. A secretary that was supposed to get the position blew her cover, and says that Sue-Ellen is only seventeen. Her boss doesn't care because she saved the business and offers her a raise, her own office, and promotion.
             When the mother comes home from her vacation, everyone is still there from the fashion show; she asks Sue-Ellen what is going on, and she explains, but she leaves out the part about the babysitter dying. Her mother makes everyone leave and tells her that she can't work there anymore because she is going back to school after the summer. The manager says whenever she is done with school or if she needs anything, she will always have a position there. .
             The movie was great, but the mom never asks; what happened to the babysitter. It was funny, and it carried a good story line. It tells you how to survive in the summer with five brothers and sisters. The movie is old, although it was well acted; it's a good movie but not one of my all-time favorites.

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