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             No matter what good or bad life can bring, it's impossible to be in control of everything. People go through a day like it is nothing and get too caught up in the past and in the future. People regret mistakes they made in the past and hope their future turns out a little better. They hope for a better future and better memories. We lose control of the past and hope to gain back the control in the future, but no one realizes that the present is now. So much is talked about in the past and future that we neglect our present. Problems occur in life and when those problems start, we need to remember that we can't always be in control of things. We need to live life and not let life live us. We can't keep trying to control life's actions because we"re only human. People don't live in perfect worlds and live perfect lives. Life will bring us many obstacles and it's our job to overcome those obstacles with a conscious body and mind.
             Oedipus lived a life of drama. He went through many years with an unconscious mind. Recognizing and living with the truth was hard for Oedipus. He wanted more attention in life when people would congratulate him or praise him. (Page 78) "It is not as deeming you ranked with gods that I and these children are suppliants at your hearth, but as deeming you first of men, both in life's common chances and when mortals have to do with more than man; for you came to the town of Cadmus and rid us of the tax we to the hard song stress." said the people of the city to Oedipus. This was when people complimented Oedipus to the extreme. They described him as powerful and ranked him with the Gods. This quote talks about how people could be influenced very easily. They praised him without knowing him. After being ranked with the gods, his next goal was to get more power. As a result, Oedipus became nothing more than arrogant. Oedipus liked getting the attention and wanted more. It seemed as though he interpreted power for praise and attention.

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