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holocaust and its effect on je

             The political and economical situation .
             leading to the Holocaust, and it's effect on the Jews.
             The Germans economy before the holocaust was in the process of implementing .
             strict controls on the economy , so that by the beginnining of the war financial institutions .
             were effectively reduced to being goverment stockholders. Corporations were .
             encouraged to cooperate with Nazi policies by being given favorable deals. The .
             government assured a role over the economy that was primarily supervisory, rather than .
             executively, in nature . The Nazis mostly trusted the large corporations to run things for .
             themselves , and intervened from time to time to ensure compliance with the goals of the .
             state , rather than assumuing direct control over all of the operations of industry. .
             Things changed somewhat around 1936 when explicit plans for war began . .
             Government spending increased dramatically , while increases in goverment revenue did .
             not keep up . The last fiscal year before the war , expenditure exceeded revenue by 86% .
             and total debt load exceeded annual revenue by 136%. Goverment spending reached a .
             high 33% from 19% in 1933. .
             The Nazis had a totalitarian goverment interested in increasing the powerof the .
             state , their goal was not to produce a wealthy consumer economy or to promote trade . .
             While Nazi Germany was technically still a capitalist economy , it was an entirely .
             isolated one with tremendous levels of goverment involement , and and was never .
             intended (nor, really, able ) to engage in long-term completion with the western free .
             market economies.
             Page 1.
             In 1936 rearmament spending doubled from what it was the precvious year, and .
             jumped ahead of the combined figures for transportation and construction for the first .

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