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Role of Music In Star Wars

            Dramatic Connections Through Expression.
             Throughout this article, I was surprised by the numerous connections made by observing very blatant characteristics of the two pieces. By allowing the reader to sample several sounds from both pieces of work, Wright's article held a very valid argument. The connections that I found most interesting within this article were the wide variety of substance and material that went beyond music similarities. One of the most interesting connections pointed out in the text was fact that Wagner and Lucas both worked backwards with content in their creations, as each demanded on total control of operations. Both artists contributed to the spawning of new means of creation within their time frame, as seen with Wagner's invention of new horn sections and Lucas" advanced computer graphics and technology. They both created an instrument that fulfilled their desire, in order to create their specific intent. .
             Also, the setting in both Wagner's and Lucas" pieces are based in a world that they created which was both extremely different from the one we are living in. The basis of extremely different species and characters of both pieces are extremely similar. The roles each character played in both pieces were very similar. .
             Fulfilling each role similarly, the heroes, villains, friends, and enemies, each piece has their own character that resembles one another. The struggle between good and evil, power and control, love and hate are fluent through each piece, seemingly producing the conflicting situations of the same manner. The battles between father and son are exactly the same as the content of each conflict is basically the same. The conflicts between characters that are important to the story take place in very similar instances, in very similar surroundings. The weapon of choice, though different in technology, is similar in purpose and in symbolism, as each represented the vulnerability of each character's strength.

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