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Why Do Good Things Happen To Bad People

            For the last two years now I"ve pondered this question. On June 13, 2001 my best friend Eric died of a heart attack at the age of 15. Ever since then I"ve asked myself, why do bad things happen to good people? Eric was a one in a million friend that a boy could ever want or have. Eric's big smile and caring heart is what made Eric friendly to everyone. Everyone knew him by "worm". We gave Eric this name because of an actor off the movie Friday. .
             Webster's Dictionary Thesaurus says "Good" is "Advantageous, benefic, beneficial, brave, favorable, favoring, helpful, propitious" (373).
             The three most important words to me are brave, favorable, and helpful. But the one that struck me the most would be brave. To me brave means good because it is good to be brave, but not too brave. Brave is a gene that has been shown by many leaders, kings, and people with a lot of heart. Being brave can bring good. For example, William Wallace was brave which brought freedom to him and his people. .
             Webster's Dictionary Thesaurus says "evil is bad, badness, devilry, diablerie, evilness, Satanism, wickedness, wrong" (303).
             The three most important words to me are bad, evilness, and wrong. Evilness is brainwashing people into thinking that dying for your country is the way to die. Don"t get me wrong, I"d die for my country any day, but doing it for all the wrong reasons is another thing. Osama Bin Laden is an evil man. He is evil for plotting out 9/11 and for having his people do it. Plotting out a plan where you kill thousands of moms, dads, brothers, sisters, friends, and relatives, is an evil deed. .
             After reading several books, I"ve come upon Plato's theory of good and evil. Plato says "are not all things either good or evil or intermediate and indifferent?" (263). This basically says, can you really classify what is good and what is evil? "The things which are neither good nor evil, and which partake sometimes of the nature of good and at other times of evil, or of neither, are such as sitting, walking, running, sailing; or, again wood, stones and the like: these are the things which you call neither good nor evil?" (263).

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