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             In 1988, the movie Rain Man was released.
             under unfortunate circumstances, finds out he has an older brother with autism. As.
             with anyone who doesn't understand this condition, the younger brother shows little.
             patience and respect to the affected brother. With this, the movie was able to show.
             pretty accurately the response of an autistic person who has a self-harming experience.
             when they feel scared or threatened.
             Autism is a lifelong condition that interferes with a person's ability to.
             communicate and relate to others. This can result in some degree of isolation,.
             personally and socially. Autism affects how a person perceives and processes sensory.
             information. The severity of this condition can vary from someone who needs total care.
             and is dependent with activities of daily living, to those that are considered "high.
             functioning" and can function in society without causing harm to one's self or others.
             According to the Autism Society of America, symptoms of autism present even.
             before age three, but usually is not diagnosed until later. The symptoms of autism.
             include difficulties with verbal and nonverbal communication. These skills can range.
             from being delayed to being absent altogether. Facial expressions and gestures,.
             according to Townsend, are often absent or socially inappropriate. The thought.
             process is very concrete and there is little or no ability for imaginitive play. The difficulty.
             with verbalization can cause problems with developing social relationships. Townsend.
             goes on to mention that "they do not respond to, or show interest in, people," (pg.487). .
             Some autistic people do not like to have affection shown toward them, like a hug or.
             kiss. They are so self-directed that they trust very few people and developing trust with.
             another person is a long and difficult process, especially if the other person is.
             uneducated about Autism, has little patience and understanding of the disorder. .
             Persons with autism resist change, in fact, they can be met with hysterical.

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