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            Thousands of thoughts clouded my mind that day. My failures and short comings caught up with me on that day of my revelation. I found myself deep in central Stockton. I became lost and confused, trying to find the answer in a bottle. My parents called me then, telling me that I still had something to live for. I was filled with an awesome power and set off for Hawaii, and my family. I remember the car speeding up behind me, and the look of emptiness of the intoxicated driver when he nearly ran me off the road. I was startled, but not as much as the Psychopath with the gun started firing at passing cars. Still I was undeterred, still focused, until I was caught off guard. A seductive woman enticed me out of my car with a supernatural, unearthly power forcing me to turn back. It was like a trance, a trance that left me without a car, and a ride to paradise.
             This is how I ended up meeting Virgil. He had witnessed the unjust act and explained to me how he could help. This Virgil, he felt like a protective shield, yet with a cloak of mystery. He offered to give me a ride to Hawaii for money. The catch was that I would have to travel back to Stockton and through my own personal hell. Purgatory would follow until eventually I was at my heaven and with my family. He knew about my struggles within myself and told me the only way to cure myself of these struggles would be to travel through my hell, prison. Virgil drove us to the County prison where we traveled down to the new inmates. These men were bruised and beaten by bigger and veteran inmates. The majority of these newbie's had performed petty crimes and not anything substantial. I recognized many of them, they seemed all to be atheists and acted as if they had lost everything by being sentenced to prison. This group reminded me of an embarrassed school boy. Who by being punished lost their right to speak or to have thoughts.

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