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The Passionate Business Man

            The Passionate Business man to his love.
             Societies all throughout history have always segregated between upper and lower classes of people. Social status is what has divided towns, cities, and countries since the beginning of time. The poem "The Passionate Shepherd To His Love" (Kirszner and Mandell 313) and the story The Great Gatsby are no exception to this historical fact. However, even though there is a solid line partitioning the different classes of people, there is something that can traverse this, and all boundaries. That something is love. Both the shepherd's and Gatsby's feelings see past the labels, stereotypes, and typecasts and peer inside the person to which they are devoted. Each man wishes for his object of affection to "come and live with [him] and be [his] love" (Kirszner and Mandell line 1). However, the economical divisions that they were able to ignore are the very things that abruptly end their hope. .
             The shepherd in Marlowe's poem is the perfect example of the classic case of a man falling in love with a woman on a higher level than him. Being a shepherd, he most likely does not have many possessions or much money to speak of. This does not allow him to converse with many people and develop the social skills needed to impress a lady of such high caliber. His love is a girl born into an important family who would not even dream of being with a man on such a low level. Gatsby's case is no different than this. Daisy is part of an important family and she has oodles of money. Gatsby has not had the social experience to understand the high life that Daisy is accustomed too. This vital difference between Gatsby and his love is simply not ignorable. Daisy is deep down a shallow girl and is highly materialistic. She and any other woman in her position would not give Gatsby the time of day. However, despite the odds that are stacked up against them, neither man gives up hope.

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