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Dead Poets Society

            Dead Poets Society is a thought provoking film as it plays with our thoughts and feelings. Dead Poets Society makes us think as it shows us themes, which relate to our lives. Themes such as injustice, conforming, teenage suicide and parent's relationships with their kids.
             The film Dead Poets Society lingered in the minds of the viewers, as it was a realistic movie, which made you think. In this film we see how people are judged unjustly and how people are blamed for something they didn't do. In this film Mr. Keating is blamed for Neil's death and as a result he looses his job. In one of the last scenes Mr. Nolan states that:.
             "I have here a detailed description of what occurred at your meetings. It describes how your teacher, Mr. Keating, encouraged you boys to organize this club and to use it as a source of inspiration for reckless and self-indulgent behaviour. It describes how Mr. Keating, both in and out of the classroom, encouraged Neil Perry to follow his obsession with acting when he knew all along it was against the explicit order of Neil's parents. It was Mr. Keating's blatant abuse of his position as teacher that led directly to Neil Perry's death." This statement shows how unfair and unjust Mr Nolan was to blame Mr Keating as most of the things stated are false. This film shows that the innocent don't always win.
             Another theme in this movie that was extremely thought provoking was conformity. In this film the students slowly conform to Mr Keating's ideas. We see this when the boys start applying Keating's teachings to their lives. They start to be more daring, keen and outrageous. The students start to show individuality and learn to make a difference in their life. .
             Teen suicide is also a major theme in this film. We see that Neil's death had a large effect on his peers. Neil's peers didn't take it so well. They were devastated and extremely sorrowful. Todd put all the blame on Neil's father, Mr.

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