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             The American education system and the Japanese education system are two very different things. One key difference is the amount of emphasis that is put on the education system in Japan. The amount of overall work that the students do in Japan is exponential when compared to the American education system. Though being educated in Japan would have been more fulfilling the American education system put less pressure on the average person.
             The best four years of my life was the time that I spent getting my high school education. I went into high school under the impression that there was going to be a lot of work expected of me. When I got there I found that I could do close to the bare minimum and still get a B average. Some other aspects of my high school that I enjoyed were its social atmosphere. During lunch as a senior we were allowed to go outside and relax and talk with friends. Though there were many good aspects of my high school education there were a few bad ones as well. One of these aspects is the amount of interest in the sports programs in the high school. Depending on the teacher some of the students would be treated differently if they were athletes. In my opinion everyone at the school should be treated equally, so that they are able to get an equal education.
             Though the Japanese education system has the same curriculum of Math and Science, their education system is completely different then the United States. One of the key differences of Japans education system is that secondary schooling is divided into two different stages. When students are between the ages of 11 and 12 they enter junior high school. After three years the students take a very competitive entrance exam for senior high school. What this exam basically decides is what level of schooling you will receive. The higher the level you are in the better job you will get in the future.
             In conclusion, though the Japanese education system will better prepare students academically, it will also burn them out.

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