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jane eyre

             The continual quest for love, acceptance, and a sense of value and belonging is a journey many people experience in their lives. This quest is a major theme in Charlotte .
             Bronte's novel Jane Eyre. This book follows the life of a young woman, Jane, in search of love and her place in the world, and the hardships she must face to obtain these.
             Jane's search for love begins at a very young age. Her parents both die before she is ten years old and she is sent to live with her relatives, the Reeds. Her Uncle Reed dies soon after she arrives and she is left under the custody of her Aunt Reed, who hates her. Jane deeply resents the harsh treatment and lack of love she receives from her aunt and cousins. She is delighted when her aunt decides to send her off to Lowood Boarding School. Before leaving, however, Jane declares to her aunt "I am glad you are no relation of mine; I will never call you aunt again as long as I live" (Bronte, p27). .
             Once at Lowood School Jane, at first, finds no more love or acceptance than at the Reeds. Mr. Broklehurst, the schools headmaster, is a cruel, hypocritical, and abusive .
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             man, and most of the teachers are strict and uncaring. She meets a young girl, Helen Burns, and a strong friendship begins. Shortly after, however, Helen dies and Jane is, again, left alone without anyone to really love her. .
             Jane stays at Lowood until she is eighteen and decides to find a new job. She becomes a governess at Thornfield Hall for a man named Edward Rochester. Over time they fall in love and decide to marry. Jane finally has the love she has been searching for her whole life, and she has found it in Mr. Rochester. However again tragedy strikes and the wedding is called off because it is found out that Mr. Rochester has an insane wife still living. Jane is again devastated and runs away from Thornfield Hall and Mr. Rochester.
             Penniless and starving Jane roams the countryside in search of shelter.

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