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panda story

            Once upon a time, there was a panda named Ping Ping. Ping Ping was born in Pingwu, in the Sichran basin of china. The basin was covered by dense bamboo forests, steep mountain ridges and deep river gorges. The basin was covered by fog most of the time, in the summer, there was a constant drizzling rain and in the winter there was a lot of snow.
             When Ping Ping was born he was really tiny. He weighed 3. 5 ounces and his mother weighed 200 pounds. He was pink with short white hair that was sticking out all over his body.
             For the first month and a half his eyes were shut and he couldn't see his mother or his den. When they finally opened he saw that his cave was big enough for his mother to sit upright. It was bare except a few sticks and bamboo leaves.
             By the time Ping Ping was 3 months old he was making a lot of squawking sounds, crawling and finally walking. His mother left him alone in the den all day while she looked for bamboo to eat. After 8 months Ping Ping stopped nursing and concentrated on eating bamboo. Ping Ping sometimes ate a spring flower, but his favorite food was bamboo. There were about 25 different kinds of bamboo in the mountains where Ping Ping lived. He especially liked to chew on umbrella bamboo, arrow bamboo and golden bamboo.
             By the time Ping Ping was 2 and a half years old he was living on his own and eating 30 to 100 pounds of bamboo a day. Most of Ping Ping's day he spent eating bamboo or looking for it. Pong ping has really long big teeth and strong jaws to eat the bamboo. If a person tried to eat bamboo, they would have to use a axe to cut it. .
             As Ping Ping got older he began to get interested in female pandas. He began to make loud sounds throughout the forest and marking his scent on everything to attract a mate. He lifted his leg and rubbed his backside. He squatted and rubbed his backside on a stump or log. He would even back up against a tree and do a handstand to mark his scent.

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