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The Fate of the Book

             Humanity is constantly advancing in almost every aspect of life. The motivation for many is to find the next best thing or to make something preexisting bigger and better. In recent times, it has become apparent that the book is the next aspect to be approached by this method. However, some people would not like to transition into computer technology and would rather obtain knowledge the good old fashioned way. some consider the advance toward computer technology a war between the tangible and intangible. It is not a was but rather a conflict between common interests. Information will still be obtained but in a much simpler fashion. People should embrace what is to come instead of fearing the change.
             With the changes that may be presented, people must decide the fate of two ways of life. The fate of the book must be considered side by side with the fate of electronic chip and screen based technologies. The two carry the same concept of knowledge but they are established in different forms. Books are established by atoms and computer technology by bits. A mistiake is being made if books and screen technologies are viewed as competing for popularity or acknowledged superiority. The decision to use one or the other is placed on the shoulders of a single person, not that they are trying to eliminate one but because they find the use of the other more convenient or effective. This is not a competition but a simple example of preference. Many have become confused with this fact, changing the preference of others into a battle between books and technology.
             A real frustration lies in the fact that people cannot conclude whether technology is in truth helping books in their usefulness or if it is making books unimportant. Inventions don't just initiate change, they are themselves responses to changed needs and circumstances. As society advances into the future, so must their technology and ways of thinking.

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