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synthetic pesticides

             Synthetic pesticides since the beginning of their use have been found in all .
             Residues of synthetic pesticides have been .
             recovered in many major river systems, soil, fish, reptiles, birds, and humans .
             as well. Synthetic pesticides are becoming more widely used than ever before, .
             but should we be using them. I am going to explore the cost and benefits of .
             using synthetic pesticides on both the environment as well as humans.
             One of the most widely known synthetic pesticides is DDT or otherwise known as .
             dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane. DDT is part of the group of synthetic .
             pesticides known as chlorinated hydrocarbons. DDT was originally discovered by .
             accident by a German Graduate Student in 1873, but was not put into full use .
             until 1939 when Paul Mueller discovered that DDT was most effective in .
             controlling malaria carrying misquotes. DDT became so popular in the control of .
             mosquitoes that over four billion pounds were used world wide in 1940.
             Although DDT was very popular around the world, little was known about he .
             effects that the poison could have on the environment as well as animals, .
             including humans. DDT was initially thought to be harmless to humans" because of .
             its use on soldiers to kill lice; little to no side effects was detected. .
             However, DDT was discovered to be stored in the fat of animals and build up .
             over time, which has the ability to cause chronic poisoning. " Scientists .
             disagree about how much DDT is poisonous, but it is known that the .
             average person is storing potentially harmful amounts." (Carson 22). .
             The EPA banned all uses of DDT in the United States in 1973, and many .
             countries all around the world have followed in the footsteps of the United .
             States. Currently, Western environmental extremists are pushing for the world-.
             wide ban on DDT, which could cause millions of deaths in malaria prone nations .
             around the world. "The banning of its domestic use led to its diminished .

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