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The Salem Witch Trials

             Witchcraft, a religion practiced all around the world, has caused feelings of hate, fear, and rage. In Salem, the witch trials left few survivors. The trials accused innocent and guilty. Witchcraft has spread through Salem and all the world. The town killed many people that were accused of witchcraft. Witchcraft was a very over-exhaderated practice that caused a frenzy all around the world. .
             Salem was a relatively peaceful town and had little trouble. The town went into a panic when there were witches found and weird things started to happen. Witchcraft uses magic to curse people and places, talk to the spirits of the dead, and summon creatures. The people that practice witchcraft, Witches, warlocks, and sorcerers, worship in front of Cauldrons and Ouiji boards to speak to the dead. Witches lead relatively peaceful lives opposed to the ones that children dream of. Some people think of a witch and picture a green face, black twisted hair, and a pointy black hat waving their arms over a pot of liquid. Witchcraft is not like this. If you curse someone you get the curse back 3 times as worse. The religion is based on a balance of body and nature, respecting nature will yield rewards like strong self-confidence or a better status in life. There are more and more pagans in this world because of all the wars we have been fighting. Many people don't know where to turn. If there is someone offering an answer to their problems then they will take that opportunity and try it. .
             Witchcraft has been one of the most over exaggerated religions to date. In the old days you could scream witch at someone you didn't like and they would more than likely be killed because of the fear of witches. There were three sisters who said they were bewitched by a woman and screamed until the poor woman was burned alive. The three sisters would accuse random people of being witches and have them killed.

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