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Blanche: I don't want realism .I don't tell truth, I tell w

            One of the main themes dealt with in William's A Streetcar Named Desire is that of truth and artifice, reality and illusion, as the main character Blanche Dubois is seen to live in her own imaginary world. Whilst her sister Stella deals with her reality Blanche creates illusions to forget hers. .
             Stella's reality belongs with Stanley, in their little apartment, with sex as their stronghold. Although Stella was brought up through different surroundings she is happy with her life with Stanley, shown when Blanche first enters and expresses her horror at the appearing situation, Stella replies:.
             "It's not that bad at all!-.
             She is not ashamed to admit that she and Stanley came from two very different worlds, it is even suggested later that it is that that attracted her to the relationship as Stanley tells her:.
             "I pulled you down off them columns and how you loved it-,.
             and she.
             shows no sign of disagreeing. Stella appears to accept her partner's animal like nature; she realises that he is crude and violent at times but she deals with it and moves on. A prime example of this is the poker night when Stanley confirms to the reader, by his fierce behaviour, the inhumane beast that he is. Images of a monster are created as he.
             lurches up and tosses some watermelon rinds to the floor'.
             and gives.
             Stella a loud whack' on the thigh. This type of behaviour was not something Blanche was o fait' with and ultimately despised it. Stella however had learned to be a part of it and even after Stanley hits her she returns to him and is even described to join him at his low level as they come together with .
             "low, animal moans-.
             Blanche gives Stella the chance of leaving but she declines for she now accepts the life she has with Stanley. .
             Blanche alternatively deals with her realities by creating illusions. Blanche explains to Mitch that she lies because she refuses to accept the hand fate has dealt her. Lying to herself and to others allows her to make life appear as it should be rather than as it is.

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