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Louisa May Alcott

            Louisa May Alcott is well known for her major work in Little Women, a book based on .
             her life and made her famous in literature. As you continue to read you will come upon .
             information on Alcott's background, over view of her works, information about her youth and .
             the effects of how her time frame affects her and her writings. Little Women is generally about .
             the struggle between the desire to help one's family and the desire to help oneself. .
             In the beginning of Alcott's fame, she was known for all of her domestic tales for .
             children. Alcott wrote from play writes, to poems, to novels, to short stories. Louisa wrote many .
             works for entertainment. All of her first works were mostly only for children. Her first book was .
             Flower Fables, published in 1855. In 1856 Louisa's sister Lizzie died from the scarlet fever. .
             Following her sisters death, her oldest sister Anna got married.
             On the 29th of November of the year 1832 Louisa May Alcott was born. She is the second .
             daughter of Amos Bronson Alcott, an educator and philosopher, and Abigail May Alcott. Louisa .
             was born in Germantown, Pennsylvania. While she was growing up she was raised in Concord, .
             Massachusetts, north of boston. Louisa didn't go to school. She was raised and educated in her .
             home. Her father Amos taught her in her home. They faced economical problems. Her father .
             didn't have a steady income to take care of his family. Louisa believed that she would be the one .
             to help her family with their financial problems because she felt more responsible for her .
             family's financial needs she tried to find jobs. She started out by writing poems and plays.
             Her first poem was published in Peterson's Magazine in 1851. This helped Louisa bring some .
             money home. Louisa has three sisters, Anna was first born, then Lizzie was born third and the .
             last girl was Abba May, Louisa also had a brother who died in infancy named Dapper. .
             The first play Louisa wrote was "The Bandit's Bride, and The Moorish Maiden's vow.

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