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Lousia May Allcott's Themes In Writing

            Themes often help to create a whole story line.
             tend to use the same themes in their writing.
             the themes they use may change due to how the writers have .
             changed. Some writers use the same themes in all of their writing, .
             but others tend to use many different themes. In her writing, .
             Louisa May Alcott touched upon various different themes.
             The early writings of Louisa May Alcott were rarely .
             recognized. In the first phase of her writing, 1840's-1860's, she .
             wrote some short stories. Most of them featured a mysterious, .
             vengeful woman bent on manipulation and destruction (Schafer 1). .
             Common themes that Louisa often used included self-sacrifice, .
             duty, charity, self-reliance, and patients. She also touched the .
             surfaces of jealousies, fears and frivolities (Durbin 1). A lot of the .
             stories Louisa wrote early on she never really put her name too. .
             She also wrote children's stories and was mostly know for these. .
             "Flower Fables, the first volume that she put her name on, were .
             stories and poems that were moral fables, rather windy and .
             obvious but emotionally revealing" (Saxton 192). Most of .
             Louisa's early works touched upon these themes along with .
             domestic life in the nineteenth-century and maturing adolescent. .
             These themes are what Louisa's early writings were based .
             In the early writings the themes used tend to come from .
             some point of Louisa's. "Louisa's world works with clocklike .
             moral regularity" (Saxton 4). With Louisa's father being very .
             critical of her work, she tried her hardest to write to his approval. .
             She used her own life experiences for her writing. She took what .
             she knew and what she likes and used them to write, which showed .
             in the themes. Her stories defied nineteenth-century values of .
             womanhood again brought on by how she was treated by her father .
             (MacDonald 10). She would also indulge her passions in her .

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