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Louisa May Alcott

            "Whenever one studies a writer, it is generally necessary to know something of his or her life and times. In the case of Louisa May Alcott, this information is particularly important, since Alcott's personal experiences influenced her writing more than is typical of most other writers- (MacDonald [a] 1). She uses this influential technique in order to form a connection between herself and the reader, and in return was named one of the best American authors of her time. Louisa May Alcott was born in 1832, and grew up In Massachusetts with her three sisters and parents. Her novels mirror the setting in which she was raised, and those whom she grew up with. Specifically, "many of the characters in Little Women are modeled on Alcott's own family and friends- (Morrow 4). Louisa May Alcott's works are a reflection of her family life and the ideals she was brought up with; this influence is most evident in her novel Little Women.
             Louisa May Alcotts life was greatly affected by those who she grew up with, including her family and friends, as is apparent in Little Women. The Alcotts weren't exactly rich with money, but instead, with love and compassion. "The debt-ridden Alcotts moved around Boston and Concord- but eventually settled into a family inherited home named Hillside, the place where Louisa recalled most of her childhood memories (Morrow 1). The Alcott family consisted of four girls: Anna Bronson, Louisa May, Elizabeth Sewell (Lizzie), and Abba May Alcott (May). They were all two years apart except for May, who was 6 years younger than Lizzie. In Little Women, Alcott writes a fictional story about of four sisters growing up in Concord, MA. Meg, the character based on Anna, dreams of wealth and a life of superior extravagance. She comes to realize though, the reality of her meager life, and that she must put her all into helping her family financially. Louisa casts herself as Jo, whom is also a writer.

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