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             Osteoporosis, a bone disorder characterized by a reduction in bone density accompanied by increasing porosity and brittleness, found chiefly in women who have passed menopause. (Webster Dictionary). This is a disease where the bones become very porous, making them much thinner and less able to support the body. As a result of aging, smoking, inadequate exercise and menopause accelerate this process resulting in pain and possible fractures.
             Is there a cure for this disease? Is diet a part of this cure?.
             Building new bones is the start of the cure before the disease has a chance to take control of your bones. The key to this disease is prevention. Getting an adequate supply of calcium over the lifetime plays a significant role in preventing Osteoporosis. National nutrition surveys show where American society consumes less than half the recommended daily doses of calcium to help maintain healthy bones. .
             There are several ways that osteoporosis can be treated. When osteoporosis is detected, patients are put on a treatment program which includes a proper focus on nutrition, exercise and safety issues to prevent falls that may result in fractures. Physicians may prescribe medicine that will slow or stop bone loss, increase bone density and reduce fractures. You will need to start a regular exercise program, after menopause, start a hormone replacement with the advice of your doctor, stop smoking, and avoid alcohol, caffeine and sodas high in phosphates. You will also need to see medical treatment for any conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, high thyroid, any hints of diabetes or any type of stomach surgery. Also, make sure you get adequate amounts of calcium. In order to reach the maximum peak for bone mass as you get older, you should consider several things. Get an adequate supply of calcium because as you do get older, your body becomes less efficient at absorbing the calcium and other important nutrients.

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