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             The meaning of the word Osteoporosis is literally "porous bones." This is explained as a disease in which proteins and minerals, especially calcium, are lost in excessive amounts. This results in the loss of bone mass, which leads to the breaking and fracturing of the bone(s). In order to understand Osteoporosis, you have to know about the stages of the bones (Boughton, 2116). Bone is living tissue in the body that has a two-staged process in order to constantly renew itself. The first stage of the bone process is called formation. The nutrients in the bloodstream build up new bone tissue. The second stage, called resorption, is where bone cells are broken down and then returned to the blood. .
             Since Osteoporosis is a non-infectious disease, meaning that it is not a pathogen, it is the continuation or acceleration of the natural bone processes. There are two types of Osteoporosis that are both damaging to the bones. The first type of Osteoporosis is called Primary Osteoporosis. In this case, it occurs by the acceleration of the body's normal aging process. The other type of the disease is called Secondary Osteoporosis. Other disease processes and certain medications are the causes of this type (Boughton, 2117). .
             The process of Primary Osteoporosis occurs when resorption and formation becomes unbalanced. This is when bone is continually being removed, but no new bone is formed in place of it. This makes the bones weaker and smaller. Secondary Osteoporosis, on the other hand, has the same result as Primary, but occurs differently. Secondary Osteoporosis is when drugs and other diseases aid in increasing the rate of the resorption process (Boyden, 559).
             Although Osteoporosis is caused when the resorption rate is much greater than the formation processes, there are many factors that aid in developing the disease. Some of these influential factors include age, gender, diet, lifestyle, and figure type.

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