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            What film techniques do the animators of "Shrek".
             The animated film "Shrek" was a massive success when it was released, winning a coveted Oscar and producing huge box office sales. It is clear when you are watching the film that the animators have considered different "groups" of people in the audience, children, adults, men, women etc. and ensured that they have something that will appeal to them in the way of humour, music, language, characterisation and representation of popular culture. The sexual politics and innovative animation techniques used in the film also add to its appeal.
             The characterisation in the film is very clever, making certain characters immediately appear likeable, and others stand out as obvious "villains". The key character in the film, Shrek, seems anti-social and actively separates himself from other people; "There's just me and my swamp. The first thing I"m gonna do is build a ten-foot wall around my land". However, he says to Donkey "People take one look at me and go, "Ah! Help! A big, stupid, ugly ogre!". They judge me before they even know me. That's why I"m better off alone," this helps the audience to understand his anti-social behaviour and the fact that he is lonely and sympathise with him. Shrek's laid-back manner and sense of humour would also appeal to the audience because it makes him easier to relate to and these are seen as good qualities in a person. .
             Donkey is probably the most likeable character in the film, especially for children and teenagers, due to his excitable, chatty manner and endearing moments in the film. One example of an endearing moment is when Donkey says, "I need a hug"; moments like these, paired with his fear of heights and blood, make him appear vulnerable and child-like. Another appealing thing about Donkey is his strong views on forgiveness between friends and the role of friends, his morals make him appear caring and thoughtful.

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