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Maximizing A Sale

             When selling to retail stores, a sales representative must always remember that he/she will not earn money off of a product that does not sell. Therefore, you always want to keep a store stocked with product that sells. Ex: In urban areas, Country music discs do not sell as much as rock or rap cd's, therefore you would want to post more advertisements for the rap and rock disc's, remember space is limited so you can only promote certain products at one time. You must still keep the country music disc's stocked, just not as plentiful as the rock and rap disc's. When speaking to the manager, suggest placing DvD's and there soundtracks in the same area. This way when a customer buys one product, he/she will be able to see the corresponding product, impact buying is a very powerful selling tool. Another great way to maximize your sale is store isle displays, with these a sales representative can place a DvD, Video Game, Action Figure and the posters all in one store isle display. This grouping of corresponding products is a sure seller. When a customer walks by he/she will see an array of products, maybe one will interest them, maybe all of them will. The idea is to maximize the sale! Never forget to tell a manager how great one product would go with another. Ex: The Manager of Online Retail Sales for JcPenney Co. tells you he wants to buy 1000 copies of Shrek on DvD to sell on his website. At this point you are sure of his purchase of the 1000 copies of Shrek, try and suggest that it would be great if he grouped Shrek with Soundtrack. Suggest to him that making this a package on his website would actually maximize his DvD sales while also making a larger profit. The manager will most likely be very delighted with the idea. If not, than suggest that he try at least considering it. Suggestions like this will most likely maximize the sale to such a massive retailer, therefore making your profit even larger.

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