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technology in cars

             Automobiles have changed a great deal since the invention of the Model T. Cars today look more like something from a science fiction movie rather than a normal car. Even with all of the technological advancements there are still many dangers while driving a car. Human error is probably the most dangerous of all. This paper will discuss how cars are being developed to be safer and more efficient to drive.
             Safety Advancements.
             Many automotive engineers are working on systems that will reduce human driving errors. The systems will help to prevent some major causes of accidents such as drowsiness, tailgating and drinking and driving. For instance, General Motors has developed a cruise control that uses radar to detect other cars on the road. If the car is approaching too close then the brakes will be instantaneously applied by the system. Nissan Motor Company is developing a drowsiness warning system. A small video camera is placed in the car and it analyzes the drivers face. The eye blinks of the driver are measured and if the blinks become more frequent and longer, a loud beeping will be let out to awake the driver. As more and moresmart cars? are produced, driving will be safer and easier (Maclean's 46).
             Car Efficiency.
             Engineers are developing a power system for electronic automobiles. They say that the electronic system will be as convenient as gasoline. It will be just as convenient because engineers have developed a way to generate power from the chemical breakdown of gasoline. Today's engine uses a chemical reaction by igniting the fuel with a spark, only using 15 to 20 percent of the gasoline's energy. Even most electric cars are not as efficient as they should be. Battery powered cars are efficient but they need to be recharged for several hours. Fuel cells are also very efficient but they are not perfect either. Fuel cells only work with hydrogen and methane, both can be very hazardous fuels (Tomorrow's Engine 26).

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