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Tips 4 women in the household

             Many people believe that the female life has reached a peak, where freedom is abound and equality with the Male 'species' is before us. This was brought on only in the last century by a revolution of feminists, more often referred to as "ugly dikes with no use for Men". Now it was proposed that these unattractive homosexuals would be kept on an island to keep them quiet and amused with one another but they resisted and took over the Male stronghold on women's morals. The ideology that women could actually leave the home, hire a stranger to look after the kids and share the cleaning around the family is now quite common and very popular among society. Also once married it is, by some, not considered necessary to dress to impress, rarely found is a wife that will dress up just for the man of the house. Cooking pies for hubby turned into hiring a nanny and getting chubby.
             Women these days leave home to "work" because they find it liberating. And it is these women who are completely ignoring the needs of their children. The flesh and blood that was welded from their womb is abandoned and left to fend for themselves in the cruel and ugly world of feminism. Kids these days are running a rampant, drugs, sex violence and is it just a co-oincidence that there has been no moral upbringing because Mum's out "liberating" herself? Males are typically becoming more aggressive towards their wives and children, coming home only to see the missus has left out a microwave dinner and the dishes to wash.
             The Male is subject to torment, being accused of slobbery and drunkism. This a common accusation of a sour lemon; but it is true, yes the Male has to resort to alcohol. The pub is a perfect Haven, the dishes are washed, a darling serves beer on command with a side of cleavage and the toilet seat requires no conditioning. Whats wrong with staying home and looking after the kids, cleaning the house and having a roast ready for Rauri.

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