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Of Mice And Men Crooks Essay

            Within the limited pages of the story Of Mice And Men, one is impacted by the tremendous amount of loneliness Crooks feels and how he behaves because of his loneliness and what he does to overcome it.
             For example, Crooks is a stable buck, on a farm, which is surrounded by white people that are racist. As a result of this he spends his time in solidarity, reading in his stable alone. To show how deprived he is, he leaves the window open because underneath lies piles of horse manure (p.73). Equally important, as the story progresses Crooks is so desperate for attention that when Lennie a mentally challenged worker comes to the stable, Crooks attempts to scare Lennie. He tries to scare him, saying that if George his guardian, soul provider did not come back, they would ship him off to the mental institute, where he would be tied and treated like a savaged animal. Consequently, Lennie becomes scared and panics, then tries to attack Crooks. However, Crooks understands that he took his ploy too far and backs down, before anything turns violent. In addition, Crooks is invited to the house only on holidays (e.g.: Christmas) not because they enjoy his company, only the simple reason that they are drunk and want a white man to beat a black man at all costs.
             In the life of Crooks" character one sees the various stages of his behaviour, that is a direct effect of his loneliness. This point is defined through out the passages of the book. In respect to the theme of his character during (p.81) Crooks" is so desperate to have people take care of him and show respect too, that when Lennie talks about his dream, without hesitation Crooks says he will work for nothing. The gesture, that he is willing to be a slave for companionship and friends, signifies how empty inside he is.
             Lastly, Crooks" puts his final thoughts and feelings on the line to step forward and overcome his dilemma. For example, in (p. 84) Crook's tries to be stern and forceful, male authority figure and tells Curleys" wife she has no business being there.

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