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Of mice and men

             This essay is from the story "Of Mice And Men" That is about two workers on a farm.
             There are also other characters in the story and most of them have some dreams and some of them are lonely. Candy, Crooks, Curley and George are all characters from the story "Of Mice and Men" And they were all working on the same farm. They all had dreams and they were all disappointed because something in their lifes.
             Like Georgehe was a worker on the farm he always had to take care of his friend Lennie who was also a worker. Lennie was not like other people, He was a kind of a retard, He could not remember many things and he was just like a big baby. George promised Clara who was Lennie's aunt to take care of Lennie and watch him. So this was not very easy for George to take care of a person like Lennie. They always worked together and sometimes George was shamed of having this man always in his way. He thought "I could be alone worker going sometimes to the town and have nice life". George's dream was to have his own land with little house and his plan was to get one like that before he would die. Crook was taking care of the horses on the farm he felt very lonely because he had no friend like George had Lennie. And big reason for that was because he was black and he was the only black person on the whole farm. Nobody wanted to speak to him ore be his friend so he was shamed to be black and working there. His dream was to have friend and somebody to talk to he felt lonely and only thing that he did after work was reading books. He had just nobody to talk to at all ,and big reason for that was his skin coulor. .
             Curley was the Bosses son and he thought that he was the coolest guy on the farm he was married and was boxing and he wanted to be the strongest man on the farm but he was shamed of being so small. Like once in the story the tries to beat Lennie but Lennie is so strong that he broke Curleys hand.

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