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why should white peolpe die

             I must state first of all that in answering this question I may betray a conflict of interest. I am white, and I bring with me not only a deep human desire to survive by any means necessary, but a deeply rooted investment in a system of white supremacy and domination. I work to cultivate anti-racist habits of being, which is to say I fight this pervasive belief in black inferiority with all my might, internally and externally. But I am nowhere close to letting go of all of what Dr. Francis Welsing in The Isis Papers calls "the secondary gains historically derived from the racist system."" .
             Having said all of that, I will attempt to answer the question as honestly as possible. Racism is, again as Dr. Welsing has written, "one of, if not the most important observable social phenomenon in the world today for which social, behavioral, and all other scientists should be seeking an explanation."" The explanation of the origins and nature of racism and white supremacy will determine the answer to our first question. If reason and moral suasion are indeed able to overthrow white supremacy, then killing whites would be a counterproductive strategy. If whites are irreversibly and totally committed to this white supremacy, if they are indeed racially psychopathic personalities as Wright suggests in his essay "The Psychopathic Racial Personality,"" then killing whites is the only true and final solution. .
             It is worth noting right off that if reason and moral suasion were capable of bringing about such changes in white people, the world would have long ago undergone a drastic transformation. Martin Luther King, Frederick Douglass, W.E.B. Dubois, and even Frantz Fanon spoke and wrote eloquently and passionately against racial oppression, calling America and Europe to accountability for their democratic and humanitarian ideals by appealing to, in Abraham Lincoln's paraphrased words, "the better angels of men's natures.

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