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Significe of a quote to Life

             If the world followed this simple little proverb, we would be at peace. There is so much said in only five simple, little lines. This proverb is all that is needed to be said. Each line speaks its own message.
             The first line tells us that if we are less afraid of what is awful, we can have more hope for what is pleasant. If we are always fearful of something bad happening, we can never have hope for the good things to come. We can not let ourselves miss out on what is good, or we will not have really lived. Life is good, so we must have hope. Those without hope will be lost.
             The next line states that we should be content with what we have instead of always wanting what we do not have. Complaining about things will not get us anywhere. We just have to sit back and enjoy what is already there. The third line means that we should do things rather than say we will do them and make a difference with our actions. Actions always speak louder with words. Sometimes things are better said without saying anything at all.
             The next two lines are my favorite. If we can learn to love those who hurt us instead of hating them we would be in peace. I feel that if we hate less and love more that we will be a great deal happier with our lives. The proverb says that after all of these things all good things are yours. It means that once you can learn to do each of these things, you will understand the goodness of things and you will be surrounded by goodness. Everything will be good in your eyes once you learn to appreciate them for what they are.
             This proverb is of great significance to me because in five lines, it informs you of everything you ever needed to know about being happy with your life. It tells us how to live in peace and in all goodness. We must hope, breathe, love, and do more to be completely happy in life. All good things can be ours if we just follow those for simple steps. It sounds so easy, and it is if you try.

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