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Racism against blacks

             The blacks have been subjugated to slavery for hundreds of years.
             was not as propionate in Canada as it was in the United States, racism is a part of .
             Canada's history. There are three main aspects to black oppression. They are institutional .
             racism, racist knowledge and power relations.
             To begin there is no such thing as race. It is a social construction and is in no way .
             biological. Individuals and societies have created and the used race as a means to oppress .
             and subjugate another group of people. Racial oppression is when a group of people .
             dominates another through the use of race. This dominate group receives various benefits. .
             The blacks are a case of this racial oppression, because they were turned into slaves .
             because of the colour of their skin. .
             It did not start this way of course. When the blacks came to North America they .
             were not slaves. After a while however slavery laws were passed and that enabled the .
             white masters to turn the blacks into slaves . This is the first example of the institutional .
             racism used to enslave the blacks. There were several other reasons for this. Another is .
             that it was purely for reasons that the blacks were enslaved. They were a cheap source of .
             labour that was easily controlled. They had to established ties in North America, like the .
             native, and were thus easier to enslave and used for white purposes . Another way .
             institutional racism was used against the blacks was through various media structures like .
             television, books and art. Through these means the blacks were continually stereotyped. .
             This of course justified the white peoples continued enslavement of the black population.
             This racial knowledge held by the white population of the time allowed these .
             white individuals that profited economically to continue with their subjugation of the .
             black population. The various ideas and stereotypes that these white people planted into .
             the population through various media structures were very wrong.

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