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Robert Hass Biography

            Robert Hass is a unique individual who has made an impact with his poetry. While many see Robert as a unique individual he has tried his best to live a normal life. Robert is like many other hard working, family oriented people. The subjects of his poems vary from his alcoholic mom, politics, and most evident nature. Using his experience as a United States Poet Laureate and professor Hass has helped to teach people more about poetry. Many awards have been given to him for his poetry collections. Poetry has benefited greatly from Robert's contributions.
             Robert Hass was born in San Francisco, California on March 1, 1941. He was brought up as a Catholic and attended Marin County Catholic School. In 1962 he married his first wife Earlene Leif. The next year he graduated from St. Mary's College of Moraga, California. His three children, Leif, Kristin, and Luke were born while he worked on his Masters (1965) and PhD (1971) in English at Stanford. In 1995 he married his second wife Brenda Hillman. Hass currently lives in Berkeley California.
             Because yesterday morning from the steamy .
             window we saw a pair of red foxes across the creek .
             eating the last windfall apples in the rain -- .
             they looked up at us with their green eyes .
             long enough to symbolize the wakefulness of living things .
             and then went back to eating --.
             and because this morning.
             when she went into the gazebo with her black pen and yellow pad.
             to coax an inquisitive soul.
             from what she thinks of as the reluctance of matter,.
             I drove into town to drink tea in the cafe.
             and write notes in a journal -mist rose from the bay.
             like the luminous and indefinite aspect of intention,.
             and a small flock of tundra swans.
             for the second winter in a row was feeding on new grass.
             in the soaked fields; they symbolize mystery, I suppose,.
             they are also called whistling swans, are very white,.
             and their eyes are black --.
             and because the tea steamed in front of me, .

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