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How Media Influences Us

             The public's perception is controlled by the government and media in many ways. Today people tend to think what they are told to think by live news coverage. In the past people were not as strongly influenced by the media as they are today. However with increasing technology viewers are able to see wars live up to the minute as they occur. .
             My reason for writing this paper is because American's tend to think and believe what they are told to instead of forming their own opinions. Today we are submersed in so much media coverage that it is hard to believe anything other than what they tell us. .
             By writing this paper I wanted to explain how easily influenced people are by media coverage today. It is hard for an average person to have an opinion that is uninfluenced by the media today. There are so many different broadcast companies out that offer around the clock live coverage from reporters that are relaying exactly what the military and government want us to hear that we are never really sure of what is actually going on. .
             In this paper I wanted to take you through the evolution of how the media covers wars and how important it is for the government to have a positive public opinion of how the war progresses. It is easy to see that the public demand of information has increased dramatically over the years. Today it seems that most American's are dependent on live news coverage. In the beginning of the century most people were happy with vague descriptions of the progress of the war coming over a radio. Today people expect live up to the minute coverage and every detail about what is happening. People today are so dependent on media coverage and are willing to accept everything as the truth without forming their own unbiased opinion. We can easily see the immense change that has taken place over the decades in the way wars are covered and how the public is dependent on this live coverage.

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