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             There are plenty of serious problems in today's society. Some problems not quite as severe as others, but still as important. Then there are some that have no place in society at all but are still here kind of like a disease. One problem in today's society that falls under the "disease" category is police brutality. Police in today's world take to many liberties in thinking that they are above the law because they enforce it. Somewhere along the lines they forgot that all were created equal. Either that or being an officer today means freedom to do what ever you wish including beating people to death. .
             Knowing this you start to realize that you can't even trust police officers these days. Police officers are supposed to be the ones people can rely on to be fair and just. In reality you should probably trust a police officer less than a convicted felon. If the convict stabs you in the back he"ll go back to jail for it, but if the officer stabs you in the back a complaint will have to be filed. And the complaint probably won't do much justice if the Police Department decides to try to keep what happened quiet.
             This keeping of things quiet could be a way of keeping the racist members of the force unexposed and on the streets. In a report done by New York City's Civilian Complaint Review Board (CCRB) for the first half of the year in 1997 it is seen that white America seems to rarely if ever be on the receiving end of police brutality. That privelage it seems is reserved for the minorities of America as 78% of complaints against the police were filed by African-Americans and Latinos.

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