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Identification Cards In the Un

            Identification Cards In the United States.
             The events of September eleventh and other such attacks, forced Congress and other experts to once again address the idea of bringing a national identity card to the United States. Numerous other countries have a system that includes a single form of identification. It has been argued that the card will prevent terrorism, illegal immigration and other unlawful acts. However many believe that bringing such a card to this country is a violation of our civil rights. No matter how controversial this idea, it is a logical next step in homeland security. A National Identity card is an absolute necessity due to the recent events in America and around the world. .
             ID cards have been introduced for many different reasons, included but not limited to race, politics, and religion. These cards can "force enemies of the state in registration, or make them vulnerable in the open without proper documents" (Privacy International, pg.2). The cards can have different types of information, most start with basics such as name, sex, date of birth and a number to identify the person. However others go into more detail In Italy their card also includes a "fingerprint, physical characteristics, profession, and marital status" (Privacy International, pg.4). The cards that would be introduced into the U.S. have been described as "driver's licenses on steroids" (Washington Post, pg.1). In some countries the ID cards are not cards at all but more like that of a passport or even a note card. .
             There are several other countries that use the ID card system. There are three different kinds of systems depending on the type of country, these are, "Stand Alone Documents, Registration systems, and integrated systems" (Privacy International, pg.3). The stand-alone system is used in underdeveloped countries and those under military rule; their main function is to authorize the fact that a person is allowed to live in that region.

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