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stand and deliever-motivation

            In the movie Stand and Deliver, the senior students at Garfield High School aren't very motivated; they don't care much about school. The movie takes place in 1982. When a new teacher, Jaime Escalante, arrives to Garfield High School in 1982 he turns the students view about school around. Mr. Escalante does all he can to motive his students to do better in school. He wanted to prepare the students to take the AP Calculus test so they can gain credits towards college, but the other staff members were astonished, they didn't believe that the student would be able to do it. So Mr. Escalante did all he could to motivate and help the students to prepare for this test, they spent evenings, weekends, and even their breaks off of school to prepare for the test. Every single one of Mr. Escalante's students went to these extra courses because he was the only person in their life who believed in them and thought they could do good.
             People get motivated in many different ways. Everyone has different things to get motivated for and different ways of getting motivated. Over the course of your life, at least one time someone will go out of their way to help you and motivate you. I remember in grades seven through nine I had a teacher that helped and motivated me tremendously. I didn't enjoy school much, I didn't do my homework a lot, I just didn't really care. When my teacher say that and talked to my parents she realized how much better I could do and what I"m really capable of. So she went out of her way, to ask me if needed help, was always there when I had questions and just for everything. She would sometimes call me at home just to see how I"m doing and just to ask if I needed any help with anything, and that motivated me a lot, because I didn't want to let her down. Freshman year when I had to do the freshman-project I asked this teacher to be my mentor and help me with it, she was more than happy to do so.

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