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            Gladiator is based solely on one man, General Maximus Decimus Meridius. He seeks revenge when his wife and children are brutally murdered and the emperor whom he loves and looks up to like his father is killed by a jealous and power-greedy son who unlike Maximus does not share the same faith and love for Rome as his father.
             Commodus and Maximus, as one would normally expect, are greatest enemies, and it is Commodus' dream to get rid of Maximus and control Rome to his pleasure. It is Maximus' role, therefore, to take avenge the lives of his loved ones and defy the emperor, fulfil the promise he made to Emperor Marcus Aurelius and save Rome before it is too late.
             My speech today is to talk about the conflict that has erupted from the movie "Gladiator". The largest conflict in Gladiator is with the characters Maximus Decimus Meridius and Commodus Aurelius. .
             For Commodus, a very deep hatred for Maximus and his father was formed. His father Marcus Aurelius was planning to give the throne to Maximus and not his son. This is where the hatred was build up in Commodus. After Marcus finished speaking with Maximus about the position of being the new emperor, Commodus jumped in. He explained to Commodus how he couldn't be Emperor. When Commodus heard what he had to say, his face was full with anger. Pretending to huge the emperor good bye, he squeezed the life out of him! Literally! That shows one of Commodus's conflicts. The other one is the deal with Maximus, he is jealous of him because Marcus wanted Maximus to be emperor and not himself, so he sent his men to slaughter him, which came out as a failure.

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