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The People We Know

            The relationships we have with others are the most important things we can be a part of. Relationships are what keep us going, what give us energy. We pour an incredible amount of time and energy into the relationships with the people we care most about, often times at the expense of ourselves. Why do we do this? Humans are social beings, and we are dependant on our relationships with other people. Without these relationships life would lose some of its meaning and passion. There are many stages a relationship can be in, from the first stage of initiating to the last stage of terminating. In this paper I am going to look at a relationship I have with a girl I met at school last year when I was at Westmont College. Her name in Jennifer and I've known her now for about two years. We are friends who have discussed the possibility of moving the relationship to more than a friendship but so far nothing has happened with that. I would say the current status of the relationship is that of close friends. .
             The relational stage that I feel best fits my relationship with Jen is the intensifying stage. We have moved past being dependant on just verbal communication and frequently use less direct methods of communication. During the school year we spent a lot of time together, hanging out in the dorms or at sports events that we were participating in. I went to most of her tennis matches to cheer and she came to quite a few of my soccer games to do the same. I think that our shared interest in sports is one of the things that has contributed the most to the development of our relationship. That is how we first met, and it gave us a way to relate and lots to talk about to get through the initiating and experimenting stages. Another indicator of the intensifying stage is the favors for each other that we are more than happy to help out with. She is from Colorado and does not have a car out here, and some of her friends were coming to visit her over their spring break.

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