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Crocodile Dundee

             This film "Crocodile Dundee" has influenced the way foreigners think about Australia and Australian people. The images it portrays only focus on a small part of the truth about Australia and it's people, culture and social systems. .
             The impressions the film would give to overseas viewers weren't exceptionally true and mainly focussed on the things commonly known to foreigners, demonstrating that we are all like the common Australian stereotype. .
             This film gives viewers the impression that Australian men are dirty, uneducated men who speak informally. These images are commonly interpreted wrongly, people thinking that all Australian men are like this in which they aren't. Although and film basically has it's right to be popular in another country, this one shouldn't have been such a big hit because now a lot of overseas viewers of this movie have got the wrong idea about Australia and it's people, now they probably think we are all feral. .
             The images given about the Australian environment showed us having a lot of wildlife and it being a natural land of great contrast and beauty. The land showed would have been nothing like that of foreigners because it is very original and diverse and that is what Australia is famous for. But, there were a few ways the environment was displayed that weren't right. For example, viewers would have got the impression that there are dangerous wild animals running around the land. .
             My thoughts on this whole movie are that it could be interpreted in many ways. Those who know of the country would have seen it as a funny movie but those who didn't would have got the wrong impressions and ideas about Australia. .

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