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Huck Finn Journal CH 29-43

             This Chapter is particularly interesting because it is the first time Duke and Dauphin come really close to being caught and horribly punished for their scams. I believe that seeing this scam in from of his eyes significantly matures Huck because it shows him how saddening and hurtful doing harm to others can be. Especially to the William family who just suffered a great tragedy with the loss of their father. I believe that see this scam will greatly deter Huck from wanting to be a criminal later in life which is something he said he might be earlier in the novel. Duke and Dauphin's attempt at scamming the Williams family is an extremely important lesson for Huck.
             Chapter 30.
             Chapter 30 starts out with the Duke almost strangling Huck for deserting them. It then proceeds with the con men telling Huck that they escaped when the gold was found. Also, during the chapter it is showed that both the Duke and the Dauphin think that the other one is responsible for putting the gold in the coffin wanting to retrieve it later all for himself. This chapter demonstrates that criminals don't ever trust anyone, not even their own partner which they should trust with their life. .
             Chapter 31.
             The Duke and Dauphin try to scam many towns as the group continues its was down the river. Eventually, Huck returns from one of the towns they traveled to to find Jim is no longer at the raft. Huck figures out that the Dauphin sold Jim through a boy's description. This is of course very upsetting to Huck since Jim is pretty much his good friend at this point. As a result of this experience Huck learns that he should never have trusted the con men since they were willing to scam anyone they possibly could. Of course, then, they would sell Jim as soon as they felt it was time. Since Huck now realizes that Jim is a real person with feelings he is in a big predicament as to whether or not he should save him because saving Jim would be sinning.

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