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             Computer Support Specialists conduct office automation feasibility studies, including workflow analysis, space design, and cost comparison analysis. They maintain record of daily data communication transactions, problems and remedial action taken, and installation activities. Another thing they do is inspect equipment and reads order sheets to prepare for delivery to users. The part of their job that I would like most is that they install and performs minor repairs to hardware, software, and peripheral equipment, following design or installation specifications.
             Job Options.
             By becoming a computer support specialist your options are spread out widely. You could work for the government. You could also open your own business, and maybe start a nationwide chain someday. Another opportunity to you is to work for a well known company, and most of the job options will pay out at least $55,000 a year.
             On average, computer support specialists made about $36,460 in 2000. The industries employing the largest numbers of computer support specialists in 2000 were:.
             Professional and commercial equipment $42,970.
             Computer and data processing services 37,860 .
             Personnel supply services 34,080.
             Colleges and universities 32,830.
             Miscellaneous business services 21,070.
             It is said that in 2001 starting salaries ranged between $30,500 and $56,000 for help-desk support staff, and for more senior technical support specialists about $48,000 to $61,000.
             Job Conditions.
             Normally you would probably be working in a nice and cool office or computer laboratories. They work about 40 hours a week, possibly including evenings and weekends. On top of working with all types of computer users, you will also be interacting with fellow employees and costumers as they answer questions and give some valuable advice.
             Many employers tend to hire more employees who have some formal college education, all though there is really no universally accepted way to prepare for this chosen career.

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