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             Death is one of the toughest things for people to talk about, especially when trying to talk about it to family members. Thanks to this class it has made it that much easier for me to approach someone about death. There are many reasons for people to be scared of death; one because it is an end to life. But also what is sometimes over looked is that it can be an end to painful suffering. After a death usually people go through the five common responses known as denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and last, acceptance. All of these are acceptable responses but each person approaches death in a different and unique way. .
             When we first were handed the packets on death I thought it was disturbing thinking of all the answers to the questions about death, I was not use to being so open about death. But when I had to think about what age I would believe I would die I was freaked out at first, why would anyone want to think of themselves dying? But thinking of my way of life I think I will die at a relatively young age. .
             When I heard that we would be hearing from an organ donor representative I was interested from that point on. I am an organ donor, but I didn't have all the answers I wanted, but thanks to her she provided many answers. Organ donor is, to me, a very special thing to become a part of. With the death of one human the organs can be distributed to save several lives, how amazing is that?! People who are against organ donation are most likely not well educated because I believe if they saw all the people they could save if they donated their organs they would change their minds.
             Our other speaker from Hospice was one of the most outgoing, energetic, uplifting, soothing, ladies I have ever met in my entire life. She explained her job very well and gave us a positive way to look at what she does. Hospice does not help kill people, but actually helps them prepare and cope with their death to make it easier for them and their family.

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