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never again would bird' song b

             One of America's best known and most beloved poets is Robert Frost. He died in 1963, yet his works are still being questioned for their true meaning. This sonnet clearly illustrates how Frost's work contains mixed messages. In my first, few reading of "Never Again Would Birds" Song Be the same"; I could envision the power of love and the beauty that it brings to ones life. However, after reading it many times over and remembering the history of Adam and Eve (assuming it is truly Adam speaking), from this perspective, my heart takes a different journey, one of regret of what could be lost due to ones blindness while in love. .
             The words "eloquence so soft" reflect the beauty and softness that was brought to the birds" song; this could have been no one but Eve. The mystical manner which Eve seems to .
             have unbelievably transformed the garden; this image or illusion is what most perceive when first falling in love. The power of love may make one see the world through rose-colored glasses. Frost writes in the first line, "He would declare and could himself believe." The words "declare" and "could" lead you to believe that at one point there was doubt if the birds" song had truly changed. Reading further you are convinced that the charge indeed was real and that "only" Eve could have influenced the birds in that way. This wordless transfusion of tones seemed only to enhance the birds" song.
             Still, a change seems to occur at the start of line 9. "Be that as may be" perhaps implies doubt, but it is followed with "she was in their song." It is odd that a verb now in the past tense is being used. Was Adam now remembering life before Eve's influence charged the garden forever? Line 11 seems to suggest that it might not have been such a great change after all. Frost writes that it had now "persisted in the woods." Webster's definition of "persisted" is : to go resolutely or stubbornly in spite of difficulties.

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