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Native American Voices

             In the book of Genesis there was a God that created the earth and heaven. On the other hand, in the Cherokee creation myth in the beginning there is only water and a beetle accidentally created earth. In the Cherokee creation myth the animals created the mountains, valleys, etc. God created light (so he created the sun) so says the book of Genesis. In the creation myth of the Cherokees the conjurers put the sun seven-hand breaths above the earth. In the book of Genesis God created the flora and fauna and men, namely humans, Adam and Eve. In the Cherokee man came after the animals. There were a man and a woman. They procreated every seven days.
             The fire is the cause of what the appearances of some animals are. In the Cherokee creation myth there is a lot about the appearances of the animals. In the creation myth the animals, tree, plants and humans talked to each other and were friends. However, when the people invented all sorts of weapons and tools, the relationship was endangered. The animals created diseases to punish the man. The plants and trees, which were still friends of the humans, created cures for the diseases.
             The book of Genesis is more about how God created the Earth and the humans and how this all happened in seven days. .
             God is the almighty. He punishes the evil and rewards the good. He is the guardian, protector of the world. .
             In the Cherokee creation myth everything and everybody created the world; not one Supreme Being but all little things. The creation myth is more on the gradual changes or improvements on the earth. And also the man is not the center of interest in the creation myth. Trees, plants, beasts, fishes, birds, insects and people all play an equally divided role in the creation of the earth.
             The Spiritual legacy.
             The Native Americans have had great riches in human and spiritual resources. Unfortunately, these riches are ignored and forgotten by the western civilization.

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