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Literate Stirrings

            A Double-Edged Sword: The Duality of Education.
             As soon as the school bell rings at 3:00 p. sharp, little Timmy quickly gathers his belongings and bolts out the door with a fast two-step pace. He wades through the swarm of parents picking up their children at the end of the school day. He does not want to be late meeting his two younger siblings who have been waiting for him to get out of school for an hour already - God only knows what trouble they always get into in. He checks to make sure they have all of their belongings and assignments before embarking on the 5 mile walk to a place they call home. Timmy lives in a dreary, run down building surrounded by drug addicts and prostitutes, the only neighborhood his single mother can afford. Because his mother is constantly working and his father abandoned the family at his birth, Timmy is forced to take upon adult-like responsibilities,- preparing meals, tidying the house, putting his younger siblings to bed, which cause him to grow up at such a young age. His overwhelming responsibilities gives him little time, if any at all, to complete his homework assignments. Being he is weeks behind on his school work, his teachers consistently question his capabilities of learning and efforts as a student . Unfortunately, all across the world, there are millions of kids similar to Timmy who want to learn, but are held back due to their environment and living conditions. The idea of the educational system being as "one of individual possibility and one of environmental limits and determiners," (115) clearly applies to Timmy as well as Harold Morton, a character in "Literate Stirrings." In "Literate Stirrings," written by Mike Rose, Harold Morton is a young boy thirsting for knowledge, yet is limited from learning dude to his family lifestyle and the far-fetched labels his teachers have scarred him with.
             Harold Morton comes from a broken family causing him emotional distress, an environmental limit and barrier for learning.

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