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            Many people believe that being capable to read and write is not crucial for everyday life. People who have a substantial amount of education are the only ones that are considered literate. Today there are a multitude of people with very little or no academic training. These people are indeed illiterate; however they can still be fully functional members in today's workforce. .
             Literacy is defined as the ability to read and write. I believe that being literate is much more than just reading, and writing. An individual may be able to read a story, but that person may not be able to fully grasp the gist of the literature. Understanding what is being read may come naturally to some, yet to others this must be learned, and consistently practiced all throughout life. In today's society, many people take these skills for granted. Writing coherently and engaging a reader are not only a talent, but often an art, and in my opinion, can be a difficult task. Surprisingly there are some people who cannot read nor write, but are still successful in life. These people may be mechanically literate, good with their hands, good with numbers, or may be able to decipher pictures, as though they are reading a set of directions. Therefore, these people are able to sustain a job, and occasionally even own a business.
             There are many forms of literacy. Because someone has not mastered the English language, does not necessarily mean they are illiterate. This person may be able to tackle obstacles that life throws at them. For example, a person who is illiterate might still have the capability to understand a diagram to build a bookshelf, repair a vehicle, or ride a motorcycle. I believe that a person's literacy should not be measured merely by their ability to read, and write. But rather their ability to compute, communicate, and understand. .

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